About Me

Hey ~ my name is Annette.
I am a color thinker who likes to organize, learn, do, laugh and help.
Adjusting what I see to fit my own likes is my artistic specialty.
While my style is simple and practical, I enjoy learning embellishment techniques and using them in my designs.

I have always liked to make things.  I remember cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them in notebooks when I was little.  Crayons and scissors have been my friends as far back as I can remember.  Of course the colors had to be arranged in rainbow order to effectively create.  I have moved on to markers, inks and die cutting machines but the supplies still need to be in rainbow order.  I have found new loves as well: fabric and embellishments.  I enjoy learning new skills so I will be watching what you are making as well and trying it for myself.

I have lived in the Atlanta area for 22 years with my husband of 33 years and two children.
I love laughing with them.


  1. a new follower. you have such a pretty smile. it was a joy to meet you and your daughter on the cruise. thank you for being "YOU". you don't know it, but "YOU" and people like "YOU" make a difference in people like "ME". i'm glad i met you and rachel. i hope you enjoyed your 'spring break'.

    1. So glad we got to meet in person and visit thru Facebook!

  2. Pssssst! Hey, Annette! Did you see this?!