half Zzz

Put regular fitted crib sheet on mattress
Bumper pads are attached to rails

Put down a waterproof pad
over the top of the fitted sheet
where your baby's head and
chest will be

Put the half Zzz TM over the pad
tucking the material in between
the mattress and the rails

Now your baby is ready for 
their nap

If your baby drools,
just pull up the soiled sheet
and replace with a clean one!

half Zzz TM

What are half Zzz TM ?
half Zzz are baby crib half sheets.
They are a traditional part of a Panamanian
crib ensemble originally called sabanillas.

One is put on a changing pad placed
on top of the fitted crib sheet to protect
the fitted sheet from drool or spit-up.

Because it is a flat sheet, it can easily
be tucked in the sides of the crib
between the rails and mattress.

When soiled, the half Zzz can simply
be pulled up.
A clean one can quickly replace it.

 half Zzz TM Samples
Mossy Mocha

Vintage Violet

Chicken Little

Topsy Turquoise
Botanical Bugs


  1. Hey! Michelle wants a set of the half Zzz to gift a friend from Russia who is having her baby any day now. Pick a pretty set for a baby girl and let's send it to Doha asap. Mami♥

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, they are easy to make and very practical.