Aluminum Flowers

I had been trying to think of something to make into a wreath for my front door. Then I saw the video by MeAshie and a tutorial by Diane Gilleland and knew the flowers would be perfect.  So I gathered my supplies, got some new tools and began.  It was fun creating the different color/flower combinations

and challenging trying to make a variety of them and place them on the wreath.

 It turned out even better than I thought. 

Can you see the callapitters my mom made?

Supplies Used:
Various Aluminum Pop Cans
2 1/4" Scallop Punch
2 7/8" Scallop Punch
Assorted Flower Punches
Various Cuttlebug Folders
Plastic Beads
Metal Brads


  1. Those are SO PRETTY!! I love your wreath! And the half Zzz sheets are brillaint! Where were those when my kids were babies?? Great idea!

    Hugs Joy

  2. Ohh so cute... You did an awesome job!!!

  3. Diane sent me a link to share your amazing flower wreath!

    Besides the fact that it turned out beautiful, I appreciate the time and dedication it took to complete this project. Not just something thrown together in a crafty afternoon.

    The other thing i love about it is that you have truly created an artful object from materials you have recycled - something that will not be thrown away.

    Sadly the fate of so many "recycled" projects is to wind up in the land fill anyway. So much "recycle/reuse craft involves nothing more than a short side trip to the craft room and then to the trash.

    You have inspired me to add a few flowers to my butterfly wreath this year! A few = like maybe three! :-)

    Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  4. These are awesome! You've definitely inspired me!

    1. Thanks!
      Would love to see your interpretation!

  5. Seu trabalho é maravilhoso !!! Kisses !!! Edna Das Catarinas.

  6. Oh Annette! This is a lovely work of love and thank you so much for sharing with us. Lis

  7. How did you attach all the flowers together?

    1. Hey Carroll ~
      I used the wire to attach each flower to the metal frame.

  8. Love how varied your tin can flowers are! So interesting. I would be proud to hang this on my front door any day.