Sunday, October 27, 2013

Travel Journal

I have found I really like making journals out of old Readers Digest books.  This one's spine was cracked so I had to cut it apart and add rings.

I wanted to make a journal for some foreign relatives visiting Washington DC with us a few weeks ago.

My mom had found these long lost French relatives a while back.  I thought the "French Country" paper collection would be perfect.

The pattern design dictates what kind of page it will be...folded or a made into a pocket.

Places to write and add a picture, receipt or ticket stub attached with washi tape.

Hidden places to write

I did add in another collection of papers to mix it up a little.

I used some of the pages from the Readers Digest book as a base for a pocket page with a little flap.

Chicken Wire Embossing Folder pattern on the pocket

A little ribbon accent.

I added some plain pages for sketching.

I really had fun making this journal and the relatives appreciated receiving it.

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