Sunday, June 19, 2011


 All the cards I made yesterday used my leftovers. 

When you use the pop dots you are left with a sticky foam skeleton that can be used as well.  It is actually a little more sturdy. 

These two cards were made from one large placecard that had my name on it.  The paper/design on the right covers up the letters.  I wanted summer cards but the cream color seemed like it called for brown tones which look more like autumn.  So I found some summery looking flowers from adhesive backed paper that I haven't used as much as I thought I would. 

 I pulled the blue and red (using my new Twinery baker's twine) out to try to summerize the design along with some summery buttons.  I don't love these cards but I think they would convey Birthday Wishes.

The leftover paper from my Cricut Expression 2 bird cutout made a simple card that I could embellish with cute teeny buttons.  The E2 makes it easy to have usable scraps. It shows exactly where the image will be cut out and paper can be sized then placed on mat accordingly.  Then you have negatives to use as well as the intended cutouts.

Cards are fun to make because it is a little challenge of color, design and purpose on a small scale with a short completion time. 

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