Thursday, April 26, 2012

How does your Garden Grow?

Is it time to start your garden for the year? Or is it still too cold at night?
Well, if you need some markers for the goods to come, here is an example of one you can make. No, I don't have Rhubarb planted, but wish I did.

Gather your supplies:
Empty Pop Can
     (I grew up in Buffalo, New York and that's what we call carbonated drinks)
Garden Gloves
Safety Glasses
Metal Cutters
Awl or Push Pin to make holes
Metal Brads
Foam Pad
Other items: Wire, Wire Cutters

Punch a hole in the can with the Metal Cutters

Cut the top off.  Cut down to the bottom and cut off bottom.

 It should look like this. Be careful~ this is when you can really cut yourself.

 Now trim off the part of the can that is curved so you are left with a somewhat flat piece.

Cut into the size pieces you want for your marker. About 3.5" x 4"

I used the Victoria Cuttlebug folder with my Cuttlebug and 2 B plates

to emboss the aluminum.

Round the corners. Cut a label from the scraps and round the corners.

 Poke a guide hole with awl and insert the brads.

Now you are ready to attach marker to your garden stake with some nails or wire.

I tried to match the pop can color to the veggie featured.  An orange can would be pretty for the carrots.

All this started when my friend Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes suggested that the techniques used in making my aluminum flowers and wreath could be used in a garden format. 

Update: Please see Pam's blog post Recycled Aluminum Cans are Perfect Plant Markers


  1. Annette! Wow! These turned out so cool! Great job! I love the texture on top of the can imprint - and then the clear space for the name of the veggie!

    And you did a GREAT job with the tutorial! Great job! Even without a Cuttlebug these would be great in the garden because they will last forever! (That's why we recycle aluminum in the first place - right!)

    We are starting our seeds for tomatoes and peppers tomorrow but have already placed some starts in the garden for a few new tomatoes we wanted to try. So now i will be making lovely ID tags for every tomato variety and getting rid of those plastic sticks!!

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Thank you~ And Thank You for the inspiration!The markers are fun and easy to make.
      I think they will dress up the garden especially when it is mostly dirt.

  2. These are beautiful, Annette! I really love the idea of choosing can colors to go with the veggies. And that's such a nice detail, attaching the nameplate with colorful brads. You're making me want to dig my Cuttlebug back out of the garage and play!

    1. Thank You ~*
      Oh do dig out your Cuttlebug!
      It is one of my most favorite tools.

  3. a great tutorial, and 'lucky me'....i'm the recipient of 3 markers...i'm hooked and i'll be trying 'my' hand at these. thank you so much annette! i'll take pics and show you when i have it set-up!

  4. How creative!!! I like that idea!!